Month: <span>August 2013</span>

Photo Challenge Day 30

Yourself, 30 Days Later..

I have really enjoyed this trip/challenge! It pushed me to finish it and be creative. And this day was awesome!

Photo Challenge Day 29

Childhood Memory..

I used to LOVE these chips when I was little, I loved the spicy. And they were still so good!

Photo Challenge Day 28

Someone You Love..

Family, family, family, family! This was a real highlight after 13 years.

Photo Challenge Day 27

Incorporate Motion

Motion with a non-moving object. If the wall doesn’t move you move the camera. Heart NW.

Photo Challenge Day 26

Playing with Shadows..

Playing with shadows was difficult in a busy day, but nevertheless, it got done! That is a lamp, by the way.

Photo Challenge Day 25

Whatever you want..

Grandma and parents in law’s birthday present, it looks so nice.

Photo Challenge Day 24

Favorite Color Scheme..

Blue and green actually, red just wanted to get into the picture too. Tricky red!

Photo Challenge Day 23


Went to go visit hubby at work and the sky looked AMAZING! Took several cloud shots.

Photo Challenge Day 22

Natural Light..

Busy day, but had a chance to take photos of some greenery with sunsetty natural light.

Photo Challenge Day 21


Decided to take a drive to Edmonds beach for a sunset shoot. I thought we were going to make the sunset, but aren’t I glad we did? 😀