Month: <span>October 2014</span>

Seattle Public Library

Took a trip to the Special Collections section of the Seattle Public Library. Got to see many older books and the way they were printed and bound. I loved the illustrations of these books.

IMG_2074 IMG_2061

Infinite fuel

Quick sketch for a logo for the City of Seattle bike project.

5 Items

So, I have five items and my assignment is to make them large-scale in different environments. What should I pick..?

Using technologies

One of the college’s drones, made for students to fly them. It has been interesting, learning how to fly these.

Book making

I have really been enjoying sewing books and seeing how they come together.IMG_1974

Combining techniques

Decided on two different techniques, will start with prismacolors as a base and then add a layer of stippling.


Food for thought

Going off ideas for my new poster, I decided to go shopping for produce and photograph it.IMG_1852

Self portrait

Starting a new project, this time it’s a self portrait in fish eye lens. Trying out stippling for the first time. I will try other techniques before deciding.


Tomatillo update

Quick update on the status of my charcoal drawing. I am really liking it and I hope it only gets better.


Hanging up

Propaganda posters are done, now we hang them up.IMG_1652