Month: <span>December 2014</span>

San Juan Visit

Taking a holiday break and came about this museum of art on Friday Harbor. The art is fantastic and I look forward to coming back soon! IMG_2770

Robynne Raye’s Picks for Hangups, a Cornish Poster Show

I was very proud to have poster designer Robynne Raye select my “Make Exercise a Habit” propaganda poster as one of her picks for Hangups, Cornish College of the Arts poster show.

This poster is composted of photography, letterpress and typography. 


Hangups- Cornish Poster Show

Cornish Poster Show was a success and a great event to be part of!!


Art Chantry
Frida Clements
Jesse Le Doux
Derek Vander Griend
Shawn Wolfe

Moderated by Dan Shafer
Cornish College of the Arts Instructor

Introductions by Robynne Raye
Cornish College of the Arts Instructor


Postcard Drawing

After long hours of drawing..


World Rhythm Designs

I designed a publication for a festival that I enjoy. I took several items and information of the festival and compiled them into this physical book.

IMG_2678 IMG_2680 IMG_2683

Posters and Poster Show

Final poster designs and prep for our upcoming Cornish Poster Show

IMG_2645 IMG_2646 IMG_2663

Postcard drawing

Update on my paper word drawing.


Alabama Shakes

Gig poster and another silk screen project. Trying out different ideas.IMG_2557 IMG_2588 IMG_2591