Digital warmth

Thanks Eric for our iFireplace and chairs!


Preparing transparencies

Printing out transparencies to burn them to the silk screens. Doing tree colors, blue, yellow and black (making green by color overlaps)IMG_2242

Monumental Object

I decided to take a chapstick and make it my monumental object, using Prismacolor pencils and ink.


Starting silk screen printing

Got to experience silk screen printing, it is definitely a very analog way of printing. I am excited to start!!


Seattle Public Library

Took a trip to the Special Collections section of the Seattle Public Library. Got to see many older books and the way they were printed and bound. I loved the illustrations of these books.

IMG_2074 IMG_2061

Infinite fuel

Quick sketch for a logo for the City of Seattle bike project.

5 Items

So, I have five items and my assignment is to make them large-scale in different environments. What should I pick..?

Using technologies

One of the college’s drones, made for students to fly them. It has been interesting, learning how to fly these.

Book making

I have really been enjoying sewing books and seeing how they come together.IMG_1974

Combining techniques

Decided on two different techniques, will start with prismacolors as a base and then add a layer of stippling.